12 months ago I set out to follow my dream of exploring the world with no end date attached to my adventure.

I wanted to be free of daily routine – free with nothing weighing me down aside from my backpack and my other backpack and my other bag. I hoped to find myself while being lost in the world.

I decided to leave.

I decided to travel.

Now, I am sitting here with nothing but my bags and a flight in the morning. The last couple days were a roller-coaster of events and emotions – last day in the office, clearing out my apartment, saying goodbye to the people closest to me.
Not sure when I will see them again. Not sure where, or how.

The question marks in my life have multiplied over the last couple days, adding to the stress.
If anyone ever tells you that going for a new start in life is easy, that person either has no idea or is lying to your face. I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even made it to the “start” part yet.

12 months ago I decided that I would leave by beginning of April the latest. Tomorrow, March 30th, is my flight.

PS: First destination – Japan. And no, I do not speak any Japanese. Or eat seafood. It’s gonna be fine.